Latest News from Pastor Jim

Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin, where Renee and I are visiting family. (Renee’s mom, Jesse, is 92 years old. She’s frail but quite lucid. She’s also a great lover of Jesus, and an ardent Packers fan.) So today we head to church then straight home to catch the game. That works for us!

As we wrap up 2019, I have to tell you that my favorite CFTN service this year was Christmas Eve. What I especially loved was hearing the five scripture-readers share their personal responses to Christmas. Eric, Dorothy, Gabe, Kathy, and Mark had obviously prepared, and they related insights, humor, and touching tributes. They were engaging! I came away feeling very hopeful for the New Year, as I realized we have a great untapped resource at CFTN—the eloquence and transparency of our own people.

So onward to 2020! And if I may, one last End-of-Year-Campaign reminder: there’s still time to bless CFTN with a year-end gift. We have received $62,180.00 and our target is $89,000. That leaves $26,820 to go. If you haven’t considered it, I would invite you to do so.   You can give online at our website “” or through US mail postmarked by December 31st.

Thanks for your faithfulness in 2019, and have a glorious New Year’s celebration!

Pastor Jim