Church for the Nations  


          Sundays 10:30 AM


No matter who you are or where you’ve been, God is ready to meet you where you are and draw you close to Him. 

  Our church family is designed to be a nurturing force in that faith journey. We have no interest in inviting you to

build our church. But we have great interest in you inviting God to build your life.

We worship

A Majestic God

The message of our worship is simple. Our Heavenly Father desires an intimate, personal relationship with each of us. This begins by giving him his rightful place in our lives, so we can bring to him our devoted presence and expressive praise. A church's worship service typically reflects the personality of that church. 

Simply spend an hour and a half with us on Sunday and you will see our passion for a dynamic worship experience. 

We grow close to

A Forgiving God

When our people grow, our church grows. Therefore, our relationship with God must become personal and individual. When we arrange our lives around spiritual practices, we position ourselves to thrive with God. But ultimately, spiritual transformation is not measured by our practices, but by the people we are becoming. Spiritual growth ought to change the way we live, not just where we find ourselves on Sunday.

We serve

A Loving God

God designed the church to function with a “team approach”. Therefore, we value inclusiveness where each individual’s unique contribution matters and volunteers are strategically empowered to make a difference in the life of the church, community and world. 

We'd love to meet you!

Campus Location: 1015 N Central Avenue, Glendale CA 91202

Phone: 818.696.2264


Sunday Service: 10:30 AM